Sunday, 29th of September at 3.05 p.m.   (time limit: 2h25)

COURSE:     [Map of the course]
 The Duolaf is a relay: 1st runner runs 10km and the second one runs 11km098.
Start to 1st runner: from Remich Esplanade, 5 min. after the half-marathon start.
Change of runner at Ehnen, just after passing the 10km.
The 1st runner must give the duolaf chip (a special bracelet with velcro) to the 2nd one, during the change.
 Remich-Wormeldange-Remich along the River Moselle. Race-track flat, fast and asphalted. Finish line in Remich, on the Dr. Fernand Kons square.
Special awards for the 3 first duos.

The team will get two bibs: one with XXX-1 and one with XXX-2, (one for each member).
2nd runner must take the bus from Remich Esplanade (right after the start line at 2.40pm. IMPORTANT: organization couldn’t wait for the latecomer.
The same bus will wait for the 1st runners to Ehnen and will bring them back to Remich.
 NB: only the 100 first teams will could make registration.

 On www.ingrouteduvin.lu and by transfer of entry fee (+deposit guarantee), either online payment during registration, or with a bank transfer to FLA bank account ING IBAN LU59 0141 9498 6310 0000 (Code BIC: CELLLULL) (cheques will not be accepted).
Registration limit and payment: 20.09.2019.

NEW: Race office in the "Al Schoul", 1 rue Neuve in Remich.         [Map of Remich]
  10€   40€
  10€   45€
NB: one person must make registration for each duo.
 September 28th, 2019 from 12 a.m. to 6 p.m. (late entry: 40 € + 10€ deposit).
September 29th, 2019 from 11 a.m. To 2 p.m. (late entry: 45 € + 10€ deposit).
Your BIB will be handed out in exchange of the confirmation you received by e-mail (or by showing your ID) at the „Al Schoul“  - 1, rue Neuve in Remich.
 Only participants who have a bib (start number) of the ING Route du Vin, half-marathon 2019 are admitted to start. The number is not transferable. It is to be worn visibly on the chest, the number and the sponsors must be entirely visible.
Runners without bib or runners who carry the bib on the back are not admitted to take part in the race.
Please don't forget to fill in the back of your bib, so that we can help you quickly in case of emergency.
 Times of the ING Duolaf ROUTE DU VIN will be measured with a chip integrated in a special bracelet. It is NOT possible to use your own chip (Championchip or other).
No time-keeping without computer-chip.
The chip is integrated in your special bracelet. It is only possible to take the time of the duo properly if you pass the control mats laid out at the start, at the turning point and at the arrival (if you don't have intermediate times, you will be disqualified).
CHANGING ROOMS:          [Map of Remich]
 Changing rooms and showers are located in the “Piscine” in Remich before and after the race (see map of the town).
LEFT LUGGAGE:          [Map of Remich]
From 1.00 p.m. you can check in your luggage at the „Piscine“ in Remich.
Please pick up your luggage before 6.00 p.m.
Starttime is at 3.05 p.m. under the border bridge in Remich. In order to avoid accidents, please warm up behind the fences.
Every refreshment point (km 5, 10, 15 and 20) offers drinkwater and fruits.
The finish line is on the Dr Fernand Kons square in Remich. Once you cross the finish line (contact mats), the running time of the duo will be registered automatically and the 2nd runner will receive the medal. The 1st runner will get the medal after the change to the 10km line. Please leave the finish area quickly to avoid a runners jam and follow the instructions of the people in charge in the arrival area.
The chip (the special bracelet) will be returned at the arrival, to the specific desk, and you will get back the 10€ of deposit.
DuoLaf have to finish within 2 hours and 25 minutes. Last official time measured: 5.30 p.m.
Our race is organized according to the guidelines of the FLA and the IAAF. Criterias of disqualification are amongst others:
- starting without bib (starting number)
- covering or tearing off the sponsor's logos on the bib, or making them unrecognizable
- missing interim results of time measurement
- exceeding of the allowed time limit
- leaving the course and/or shortening the distance
- false statements on the allowed age (minimum 18 years)
- carrying along a babyjogger, a bicycle or similar...
You will find Lost & Found at the „Al Schoul“  - 1, rue Neuve in Remich.      [see map]
The road is closed in both directions by the police and so it is not allowed to accompany a runner by inline skates, bicycle, car or others.
Every participant takes part under his/her own responsibility. The organizer may not be held responsible for accidents, uneasiness, theft or any other incident before, during or after the event. A registered participant who fails to take part, for any reason whatever, may not claim a refund of the entry fee.
You can find all the results online at www.ingrouteduvin.lu at latest the day after the event.
The organizing committee tries to keep the ING Route du Vin as environmentally friendly as possible. Please help us to avoid rubbish and use the litter bins provided. You will find special yellow bins for plastic bottles. Please use these Valorlux-bins only for plastic waste.
- Traffic free course measured by AIMS
- Confirmation of participation
- Starting documents and map of Remich
- Time-keeping by Chip (gun time and real time)
- Intermediate time after 10 km
- Separate rankings (men+women)
- Refreshment (km 5,10,15,20 and at finish)
- Medical aid (along the course and at finish)
- Pick up service (for runners who have to drop out)
- Showers/changing rooms
- Checkroom
- A bottle of Crémant (Caves Gales) and Welcome Package
- Certificate (download online)
- Medal offered by the City of Remich
T-SHIRT (functional):
with date of race at the price of 18€ (may be ordered with registration).
Must be established in 2019…

We wish you a successful race and a pleasant stay in Luxembourg!         

ORGANISATION: Urban Trail de Luxembourg Asbl & City of Remich         

59th ING ROUTE DU VIN, half marathon: 26.09.2021